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Waiting for Baby

October 28, 2015 by Michelle

Ever feel like God is not paying attention? I do. I can see all my stuff and I’m like, “Hey! Look all this stuff. It sucks. Help me out!”

I’ve written before about not defining God by your circumstances and today I just want to give you a brief example.

When women come into my office and choose an adoptive family for their child, that adoptive family has no idea. None. They may know there is an opportunity for their book to be shown but they are not in my office when their lives change. It happens in what seems like a mere moment, but they may not find out for a few hours or a few days/weeks. Their entire lives just got a holy disruption and they have no idea.

Waiting is hard.

I want to encourage all of you prospective adoptive mamas out there. If you are in process, in waiting, in court proceedings, God is with you, God is for you. You can be sure that He is working on your behalf, on your child’s behalf, on their first mom’s behalf. I have heard women say, “I was just weeping about being childless yesterday” or “I never thought this would happen.”

What are those feelings about? I think, if I may be so bold, they are about the person of God. Is God who He says He is? Can I trust Him?

Listen, no judgement here. We all have our thing, right? Will I ever get married? Will I ever make it through school? Should I be going to this country as a missionary? Will a man who loves God ever love me after I did that? The real question hidden deep in those questions is this: Can I trust God to be who He says He is?

Waiting is hard. If you are called by God to adopt, take heart! The Lord, who called you, will do it. The waiting, the process of waiting, is a sweet and terrible time where you get to actively be still and know that He is God.

In those moments, in those times of longing and wondering and crying out, I pray that you are open to the reason God has called you to adoption, to make you more like Him, to be in deeper relationship with Him, to know Him more. That is your joy and your prize in the process of adoption, a baby to love and care for is just bonus.

Be encouraged, sweet waiting hopeful mamas, you have the best part of adoption right now in the process. You have the Lord, and His love endures forever.

Much love, friends! Much love!

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