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February 3, 2015 by Michelle

Hey friends! I have to tell you, I have labored over whether or not I would do this and how I would do this. What is this you ask? Over the last couple of years I wrote another book for prospective and adoptive parents. I finished it last summer, and it has gone nowhere.

I took my story, my experience with birthmothers and my professional experience with prospective/adoptive parents and wrote down one long encouragement. It started as something very different, a sequel to Delivered, where I tell you the rest of the story, and there is some of that in there. But for now, my heart is to love on and encourage people called to adopt. I want to encourage them in a way that gives them a realistic and honest perspective. One that pushes them toward Christ, into deeper relationship with Him through their adoption journey.

This was written mainly for those who feel called to adopt or have adopted, birthmothers, and/or professionals who would like more insider look into the world of birthmothers. It is called Mine, Yours & Ours, because that is the sequence of adoption. First, the baby is mine, as a birthmother. Then, I place him with you, as adoptive parents. Finally, he is ours, to love and celebrate.

This book would seek to connect the prospective/adoptive parents to the expectant/birthmother at various points in the process, from conception into post-placement. I have created study questions at the end of each chapter to help foster an environment of discussion and introspection. I hope you talk it over with your spouse or use it in a small group setting, and I pray you go to the Lord and wrestle, wait, and walk with Him through the amazing journey of adoption.

Here’s a teaser:


I recently heard someone close to me wonder aloud, “Why do people who want to have babies seem to be infertile, but girls who don’t want to have babies always seem to be knocked up?” There was a time that I would call this a good question, but it’s not. That question reeks of anger, as if there is injustice that is going unnoticed by God. That question speaks of a silent fear. I want to have children and I’m afraid I will end up like one of those unfortunate souls who is forced to adopt to fulfill her dreams.

If you have thought this or felt this way, you are not alone. I am with you. I have thought this before, even said it out loud. I remember being so annoyed with an all-elusive God who would dangle babies in front of women like a carrot, only to never give it to them. I have friends who have wanted a child so badly they can think of nothing else. And I have been knocked up. So, the question is a good one, right?

Alas, no.

Adoption is trendy right now, especially in American churches. We preach it from the pulpit or the stage or the front of the coffee shop. God adopted us. We want to be like Him. He cared for widows and orphans. We are to care for widows and orphans. If not us, then who? I used to think this was a good question, but it’s not.

A better question is, “God, what is Your best for me?”

If we step back and really look at the Word, we are under no obligation to care for widows and orphans through adoption. We want to be like Christ, yes, but are we called to feed 5,000 with a loaf of bread and a few fish? In my professional opinion, that seems to be a rather stunning similarity to adopting when you are not called to. To think that you will be totally ready to meet every need your child has after reading a few books is silly. You will need an all-knowing, creative God to get through the first few years, let alone a lifetime, as a parent. Therefore, the calling has to be His, of Him, from Him, or you will be working from your own resources; friends, you can’t stretch your bread that far.


Sound interesting? I hope so!

Mine, Yours & Ours coming soon!!!

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