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Going the Distance

February 29, 2012 by Michelle

I love baseball. It’s the best sport—ever.

With Opening Day just a little over a month away, I started thinking about baseball today. I love the smell of freshly cut grass, the sound of the crowd, the loyalty of the fans. I love hot dogs and people watching. I love the math involved. I love the mechanics.

It occurred to me that these guys train their whole lives to be able to play the game at such an elite level. For example, consider the skill it takes to hit a baseball out of a major league ball park. There are all kinds of things that have to happen to connect to the ball. MLB players are trained. They have muscle memory. A ball player’s swing, stride, and eye contact with the ball are part of his instincts. They react to pitches in split seconds and can make that small leather ball go the distance of the park.

In my talk on Sunday, I talked a little bit about following the call of God. I was talking about Peter (Matthew 14) and how Jesus said, “Come.” Then, Peter hopped out of the boat and walked on water toward him. If you know what happens next, you know that Peter gets a bit overwhelmed in the moment, takes his eyes off of Jesus, and starts to sink.

Some people give him flack for that. Not me.

Peter didn’t use reason. He didn’t hesitate. This guy instinctively went to Jesus when he said, “Come.” Just one little word got Peter out of the boat and obeying the Lord in a split second.

I want to be like that guy. I don’t want to hear something from the Lord and think it over and calculate my risks. I want to instinctively obey. I want it to be a reflex. I want my muscles, actions, and words trained in such a way that my obedience to Christ goes the distance, changes the game, and makes me a fan for life.

3 Responses to “Going the Distance”

  1. Dan says:

    This has been my take away from listening to you tell your story… this instinctive response to His voice and not ignoring it when you hear it. Thanks for encouraging us toward this attitude!

  2. I never thought of it like you–but I LOVE your take on it M–and I too, pray and want to respond exactly like this and you! Love you and way to goyou beautiful creation in Christ!

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