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Revealing You // Delivered


June 30, 2016 by Michelle

Hey friends! I have had the privilege of writing for BraveLove.org, and I wanted to share it with you.

It’s super big to me because I am the first contributor in their new section Being a Birth Mom. I have a few links to share so far:

Meet Michelle
(An introduction to me as a contributor)

What I Wish I Knew Then, That I Know Now
(origianl content for BraveLove.org)

(Taken directly from my site)

You can like BraveLove on Facebook too here.

I hope you enjoy these and many more to come!

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Delivered, My Harrowing Journey as a Birthmother Revealing You, A Journal for Birthmothers


My Harrowing Journey as a Birthmother

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Revealing You

A Journal for Birthmothers

Purchase via Create Space
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