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Michelle Thorne (of the USA, not UK, to be clear…sorry for the confusion!)
Beloved: by God
Wife: to social butterfly, artist Matthew
Mommy: to stunningly gorgeous and wicked smart Cadence & budding comedian and gentle giant Deacon
Birthmom: to a very handsome guy I call Dylan in public because his privacy and story are sacred and they are his to share, not mine
Former Pregnancy Counselor: at Bethany Christian Services
Overseas Home Study Specialist – Asia: at Children’s House International
Adoption: I have thoughts about it, some are hard to hear
Other Fun Facts: I suffer from being a workaholic and habitually sticking my foot in my mouth. I have not-so-secret author crushes on Donald Miller, Brennan Manning, and Brene Brown, though in my dreams I am a “real” author of smart fiction and spend my days in a pub in Europe describing my secret friends in detail. I love sports of all kinds but the most epic sporting event I’ve ever been to was a German soccer match. Those people do it right! I have never met a stranger and have a knack for making others comfortable in uncomfortable situations. Above all, I love to laugh and make people laugh, and you may as well know that I am funnier when I stand up, which I am not doing as I type this. Apologies in advance!

Michelle Thorne lives in Qingdao, China with her husband Matthew and their two adorable children.

Delivered, My Harrowing Journey as a Birthmother Revealing You, A Journal for Birthmothers


My Harrowing Journey as a Birthmother

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Revealing You

A Journal for Birthmothers

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