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Revealing You // Delivered

There are days I wish I didn’t know about all of this, but I do.

When I wrote Delivered, I thought it would be a cathartic experience that might help others understand the birthmother experience. It was that and so much more. After releasing Delivered, I had the privilege of encountering people touched by adoption in various ways, loving on a lot of women, answering pointed questions, and then, becoming a Pregnancy Counselor. If I have learned anything, and I have learned much, I have learned this: there is a huge gaping hole in the world of post-placement care for birthparents.

Revealing You was born out of a passion for the hearts of the women who place their child for adoption. It is a journey through personal discovery, emotional awareness, and spiritual healing after placing a child for adoption. It gives a space to be and feel with freedom and honesty. This journal will challenge birthmothers to process through the rough waters of placing a child for adoption and facilitate healing as they write. With a wide variety of topics specific to birthmothers, this valuable resource can be used individually, for one-on-one counseling, or in a group setting.

Revealing You is written by a birthmother who ‘gets it’ for birthmothers who need to know they are not alone. This is a train you don’t get off of, and birthmothers will need help. Like I said, there are days I wish I didn’t know about all of this. But I do, and because I do, I will fight with everything I have for these women. This life of mine, this knowledge, my triumphs and my failures are a love offering. Take what you need, friends. All are welcome here.

“Birthmothers are the forgotten, or perhaps hidden, piece in the beautiful triptych of adoption.”

– Michelle Thorne
  Little Rock, AR

Delivered, My Harrowing Journey as a Birthmother Revealing You, A Journal for Birthmothers


My Harrowing Journey as a Birthmother

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Revealing You

A Journal for Birthmothers

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