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Freedom and Feminism

October 22, 2014 by Michelle

I love talking about the Garden of Eden. I’ve been thinking about it more lately in a different light. Eve was the first feminist. She walked in the freedom of paradise, naked and unashamed, and she made her own decisions.

The cool thing about that? God designed it that way. He gave her a free thinking mind, a full range of emotions, and the ability to make choices. That was His perfect plan.

The interesting thing about that? Never is it recorded that Eve had to fight with Adam for how God made her. Not once was she bitter about him being a man or having to bear the children. There is not a moment when she decides he is mistreating her.

Know why? Because he wasn’t mistreating her. She was different from him. That was known and celebrated and purposeful. It was a deliberate design.

Also in the Garden, the man and the woman were independently dependent. They each had their own relationship with God.

Then came the snake. Every feminist on the planet would support Eve’s freedom in the moment. Well done, sister! You have every right to make your own choice. That man doesn’t own you.

I agree. In the Garden of Eden, Eve didn’t choose to eat the forbidden fruit because Adam was silent. You can keep that theory to yourself. If we, as women, spend our lives living subject to our men and what they do, or do not do, we will be slaves to them. There is no freedom found in your husband. There is no amount of liberation coming from him.

Likewise, if my husband seeks his freedom in the way I act, think, talk, work, pray, cook, dress, submit, and the list goes on forever…then he will be my slave, and I his. MAY IT NEVER BE!

I don’t want to live like that. God doesn’t want me to live like that. He designed the Garden with one man and one woman walking in freedom, naked and unashamed, together. He intentionally gave them each the freedom to choose. He called them to something more than equality with each other; He called them to equality with Him, in Christ.

Women’s liberation is trying to give us what God already gave us long ago in the Garden and what Christ came and died for, and I don’t think we need lengthy documents being passed around the White House or ‘men bashing’ to obtain that. I think we, as women, should fight for the freedom that God designed for us, and friends, that won’t come from the government. That freedom comes from Christ. If you are in Christ, you have it. Drop the mic. Walk in it.

One Response to “Freedom and Feminism”

  1. Leilani says:

    Great Read thank you for point folks to the only freedom giver. I get my Joy and Happiness in Him alone not my Hubby. But he is a great help in it!

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